API for avatar profile images

<img src='https://avtr.io/avtr.png?first_name=Sheila &last_name=Gottlieb'>

Or you can use their email

<img src='https://avtr.io/avtr.png?email=pohara@homenick.com'>

Parameter List

Parameter Type Default Description
initials String null Force the initials to be displayed
first_name String null First name of the user
last_name String null Last name of the user
email String null Email of the user
letter_count 1|2 2 How many letters to use on the avtr
background rgb()|rgba()|hex Dynamically chosen Force background colour
size Number 100 Size of image
rounded_corners Number 0 Round corners for Square shape
shape square|circle square Square or circle shaped avtr
theme material|flat material Background palettes for dynamically chosen backgrounds, contact for custom themes. Default palettes based on Google Material Design and Flat UI
text_case lower|upper|title upper Text case for the avtr
text_color rgb()|rgba()|hex #FFFFFF Text color
font_weight 100-900 #FFFFFF Font weight
font open-sans|source-sans-pro|roboto open-sans Which font to use, contact for custom fonts

You can also choose the file type for the avtr

<img src='https://avtr.io/avtr.{png|gif|jpg}'>

As well as serving up retina images

<img src='https://avtr.io/avtr@{1.5|2|3|4}x.png'>

Example of retina friendly avtr

<img src="/avtr.png?email=pohara@homenick.com"
srcset="/avtr.png?email=pohara@homenick.com 1x,
/avtr@1.5x.png?email=pohara@homenick.com 1.5x,
/avtr@2x.png?email=pohara@homenick.com 2x,
/avtr@3x.png?email=pohara@homenick.com 3x

More examples

Custom Themes/Fonts

You can get custom themes and fonts by contacting us , this will involve you receiving a custom endpoint. The cost is usually around $2/month but this will be discussed with you based on your intended usage.